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Who the Hell Are We?

by Fold

Peak Oil The world is beginning To run out Of hydrocarbon energy All oil production Always follows a bell curve Once you pass the peak You will never be able To increase production again The peak of production Usually occurs about 40 years After the peak of discovery Global oil discoveries Peaked in 1962 And they’ve been on a steady Decrease ever since And peak is here Who the hell are we? Egotistical, maniacal, self-centred Sons of bitches To believe that the whole Universe revolves around us The universe is laughing at us Okay, well listen I’ve got news for you The world’s falling apart now They’re having blackouts in China 9 or 10 governments are in emergency session People are gonna freeze to death this winter Economies are starting to collapse The dispassionate universe Is looking at the human race and saying Either evolve or perish, we don’t care Life will go on without the human race Who the hell are we? Egotistical, maniacal, self-centred Sons of bitches To believe that the whole Universe revolves around us The universe is laughing at us We talk rather grandly About saving the world We don’t have to save the world The world’s fine The world has been through Five periods of mass extinction The world is big enough To look after itself What we have to be concerned about Is whether or not The world we live in Will be capable Of sustaining us in it That’s what we need to think about The demand for infinite growth Has just collided With finite energy Who the hell are we? Self-centred Who the hell are we? The universe is laughing at us Who the hell are we? Egotistical Who the hell are we? This is our struggle This is our life This is our species And I refuse to let My species or its worth In the universe Be defined by the maniacs That are driving this planet Off a cliff Nobody is as smart As all of us together


Fold return with a vengeance on this no-holds-barred appeal to humanity, hosted by the late visionaries Mike Ruppert & celebrated author Douglas Adams. Mixing hip hop & industrial pop influences, Fold direct the listener’s gaze to the potential collapse of civilisation should we fail to end our ruinous dependency on fossil fuels.

There’s no longer any doubt that ‘the world is beginning to run out of hydrocarbon energy’ — the very resource that underpins our entire civilisation. Driven by the overconsumption of fossil fuels, we are simultaneously facing the greatest ecological crisis of our epoch. As Douglas Adams muses in the track’s breakdown section, ‘we don’t have to save the world, the world is big enough to look after itself. What we need to be concerned about is whether or not the world we live in will be capable of sustaining us in it.’

‘Some have known about the twin challenges of climate change and ‘peak fossil fuels’ for a long time but have been unable to overcome the fossil fuel industry’s campaign of obfuscation & misinformation. We wanted both to educate a little and convey a sense of urgency on this track in order to stir people into thoughtful action. Although the situation is dire, we believe there is still time if we act unilaterally & immediately.’
— Fold


released March 3, 2023

Music written, arranged, mixed & mastered by Seth Mowshowitz
Performed by Fold along with the following:
Mike Ruppert (1951–2014, posthumous vocals recorded October 20, 2004)
Douglas Adams (1952–2001, posthumous vocals recorded April 2001)

Artwork by Seth Mowshowitz
Released by SUBTXT

©2023 SUBTXT Ltd


all rights reserved



Fold Leeds, UK

Fold is a conscious music band from Leeds rooted in funk, jazz, psyche and hip hop.

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